Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sky is Falling

(For Nana and Grandma)

An apple fell from the sky
And suddenly Isaac Newton knew why
The Sun and Moon
And rise

Or so I'm told
I'm sure, as I get older,
bolder forms of the story will unfold

But for now,
The Moon is in a constant state of falling into us
The first satellite to chance upon this trite little orb
Orbiting since its formative years
Protecting the planet from massive damage
Carved scars into her life
and we have the nerve to call them craters

She has been called Goddess
But She and my Grandmothers speak often
I call them Cousins
Patient and loving Amazons
They have nurtured me since my birth on Earth
And turned away tidal waves
in hopes of preserving our lineage

Yet, I delineate
And as of late, I haven't been around long enough to stargaze
but just late enough to miss the meteor showers
You see, they are solar powered

My grandfathers had such large and crimson hearts
But once they became Red Giants
it reduced my childhood to ashes before my eyes

But They survived
Derived my problems solution
And kept my spirit Alive

Driving forward forcefully
Pouring Agape Love
in the absence of the Light
That once was in my Skies
And now resides in the Heavens

When I was hungry, they gave me food
And now they approve of the Artemis
With which I hunt
they are wonderful

Tell me that Newton was right
That my Lunar predecessors may forever fall into my arms
Tell me my Moons are not leaving me

Not when we're hurdling toward the Drain
What was once thought to be many holes in the sky
is now considered to be
A Singular, Unfathomable expanse of NOTHING
At the edge of our universe
Staring at the gaping maw of the abyss
Nana, Grandma
Give my forehead one more kiss
And tell me that this
is not the end

Tell me that I may bask solitary in the light you emit
And feel solace amidst
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Tell me
That I can tell you jokes that make you HOWL
with Laughter
And the moment after
When you tell me
That you miss me
'cause I can always make you smile

Stay awhile
And let me wonder as I wander
Through the labyrinth of legends and myths
That have served as nourishment
for years of enduring punishment
Let me
Return the warmth that has sustained me
Through all these winters

Thank you
For teaching me how to treat a woman properly
that she's not just some celestial body for me to
stick my flag in
and claim Pole position
but she should be the glistening Face
that makes my night
a Light in a dark world
A pearl made from grains of agitation
Motivation to shatter the sky as a limit
And reach for new heights

I will halt the light of the New Dawn if you ask me
just tell me
I can have some more time
with the Night

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