Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sea Monster

Thank you Uncle Sam for all you've brought us
All you've taught us of your
Top Notch Synthetics

there is a field of plastic in my ocean
Twice the size of the Lone Star State
And it's growing

Maybe that's why everyone tells me everything's bigger in Texas
See THIS is the difference between what rape and sex is
She never asked for this

My people have kissed her moisture tenderly since our conception
We bathe in the waves of her orgasms
Like she taught us to make love
And we've been riding her frothy surf ever since

But you Tourist Nations
You Astringent Visitors
Holler at her 'cause you're used to Fly
'Cause you saw her hotspot and were jealous that she didn't give it to you
So what the fuck do you know about the Pacific except for the Rim,
Pimped out by everyone she brushed against just 'cause she was beautiful
Forced to wear the cellophane halter top that we made for her
And now it's shredded from the beatings
Feeding the seedlings
of the fish
So we are eating Plastic
It's growing

But nobody's gonna claim responsibility in international waters
Besides, what's a body of water like hers doing surrounded by countries
like yours
She's been raped in No Man's Land and her suspects
Are her theatre-in-the-round audience
She never asked for this

Any more than Hawai'i asked to be the 50th notch on Uncle Sam's Bedpost
the last people he fucked and publicly claimed for his Harem
The rest
He doesn't tell his wife about
She's gotta read about it in the newspapers

So starting tonight, I will cut a star out of every red, white, and blue mantle I see
And I will cast them into the sky
So that my family
Can finally find their way home
Have you noticed
that you can't see the stars from Honolulu anymore
WWMAD - What Would My Ancestors Do?
How would they feel?
Would their smiles be Content, Glad, and Proud?
What have we done?
Jealous of their fire, we plucked them from the heavens to illuminate our streets
And have made ourselves blind to the night
because we couldn't stand the sight of the American Dream
for the Nightmare it truly is
Boob Jobs, Bailouts, Botox,
And a prescription
for Eternal Life

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